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Since 2012, Dr Channy has been counselling both pet owners and Veterinarians on the benefits of understanding behaviour and its everyday applications. A Veterinary Pet Counsellor is different to a Veterinary Behaviour Specialist.

What is Pet Counselling?

Veterinary Pet Counselling aims to help support pets with problem behaviours through any combination of evidence-based management, medication & modification or training. 

Chantelle McGowan Veterinary Science Building

Fear Free mobile veterinary care

Just like people, our pets' behaviours can be influenced by their feelings. As an Elite Fear Free Certified vet and pet counsellor, Dr. Channy believes getting to the bottom of why your pet behaves a certain way is key to them being a calm, healthy and happy family member.


The Calm Pet Vet provides Fear Free behaviour and veterinary care in your home which, in a nutshell, means we first take the time to get to know your pet, examine their medical records and learn about their behaviour in an environment where they're totally comfortable.


We then support your pet with evidence-based management, medication or training, delivered in the gentlest way possible. Because we believe your pet’s vet care shouldn’t only be good for them physically, it should be good for them mentally, too.

Chantelle McGowan with Gabrielle Carter

Dr. Channy (she/they) BSVc MANZCVS (Behaviour) Elite CCFP, has been a veterinarian since 2011 and a pet counsellor since 2012, meaning that, for over a decade, they’ve been helping families to grow and preserve the special bond they share with their pets. They are also a member of the Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA), an association of force-free veterinary professionals.


If there’s one thing we've learned, it’s that pets can teach us a lot – especially how to manage and accept (our own) expectations. Dr. Channy counsels pet owners and veterinarians on the benefits of understanding behaviour, and how it impacts our pets’ interactions with people or other animals.


Dr. Channy’s interest in pet mental health developed early in their career when they realised that many pets and their owners felt tension. Tension from misunderstanding each other at home, made worse when stepping into the veterinary clinic.


Inspired to help ease that tension, Dr Channy wanted to prioritise the mental wellbeing of their patients. They studied ways to make changes in clinics, and started offering pet counselling services under the supervision and mentorship of Veterinary Psychiatrist, Dr. Gabrielle Carter.


Before establishing The Calm Pet Vet, Dr. Channy was the Head Veterinarian at an ISFM-accredited cat-friendly clinic, and worked as a Scientific Services Veterinarian at an international therapeutic pet nutrition company, which involved lecturing on pet nutrition and behaviour across Australia and internationally.


Dr. Channy is an Elite Fear Free Certified Ptofessional & Coach and completed their ANZCVS membership examinations in 2023, successfully gaining Membership to Veterinary Behaviour Chapter.

Dr Chantelle McGowan with Calm Dog

vet care

No matter who you are, your experiences with your pet's veterinarian should leave you feeling calm, confident and clued up about your fur baby’s health.


The Calm Pet Vet is a fierce advocate for Inclusion and Diversity. As a non-binary, Intersex veterinarian, Dr. Channy is the Treasurer and Sponsorship Officer for the Australian Rainbow Vet and Allies, an organisation that advocates, promotes and connects queer Veterinary Professionals across Australia.


They’re also Vice President for The Veterinary Kaleidoscope, helping organise TVK Summit – a world-first, in-person Veterinary Inclusion and Diversity Conference, which began as a podcast centered around uncomfortable conversations, created to provoke acknowledgment of unconscious bias and the need for equity.


From offering mobile and telehealth vet appointments for pet owners to collaborating with diverse veterinary teams, The Calm Pet Vet strives to provide a service which ensures people and pets feel safe and respected, always.

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