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Mobile Vet

Dr Channy is a mobile vet who will come to your home to provide the highest standard in Fear Free mobile vet care.

Mobile vet service

We offer mobile vet services for 

  • Behaviour Consultation & assessment, including:

    • Generalised anxiety

    • Situational anxiety

    • Separation distress

    • Periuria ("Inappropriate Elimination")

    • Inter-cat aggression

    • Inter-dog aggression

    • Problematic behaviours

  • Pets that are stressed in the traditional veterinary setting

  • Senior & Geriatric Pets

  • Pets that travel poorly

  • Home euthanasia

and many more circumstances

Through higher level training and qualifications, we offer expert Fear Free techniques and behaviour modification. We are the solution to your pet's stress & able to help formulate a behaviour plan for future veterinary care.


Fear Free, mobile vet FAQs

[Mobile vet services are helpful, but why you need Fear Free - approx 200 words]

Got questions about our mobile Fear Free vet services? Read on!

If you still have questions, please let us know through our contact form

Wide range of Mobile Vet Services

Calm Pet Vet offers a range of mobile vet services, including:

  • Vaccinations

  • Lump checks

  • Blood & urine tests

  • Dental checks

  • Mobility & senior health checks

  • Quality of life consults & home euthanasia

  • Behaviour consults and training programs

and much more!​


We also provide training & education for veterinary clinics wanting to upskill their teams in the latest in modern, Fear Free handling and behaviour. 

Mobile vet servicing Melbourne & surrounds

Our mobile vet services travel across Naarm (Melbourne) and the greater Victoria region.

Travel costs start at $135

Elite Fear Free Certified Mobile Vet Qualifications

Dr Channy is an Elite Fear Free Certified Veterinary Professional and educational Coach for Fear Free LLC.

They have also completed their Membership exams and awarded their MANZCVS (Behaviour) in 2023.

Dr Channy is also a member of the Pet Professional Guild of Australia

What does a Fear Free Mobile Vet cost?

As a Fear Free certified and mobile vet, it will cost a little more than your regular GP. We would love for you to get in touch so we can provide a personalised estimate of costs.

Fear Free Mobile Vet care is an investment into your pet's lifetime health. Getting to know your pet and their preferences, as well as navigating medication options, we intend for your Fear Free Mobile Vet services to evolve so your pet can return to their regular clinic.

The fees reflect a modest adjustment taking into account time, location and complexity of the consultation. Our mobile vet cost-per-minute pricing is on a par with most clinics!

Does a Fear Free Mobile Vet have better outcomes?

There are no guarantees, but we do know that being in the comfort of a familiar, safe space and having you, their secure base, present often helps alleviate the stress of veterinary care. There is no pre-visit stress from travel, unfamiliar pets in a waiting area, unpleasant sights, smells and sounds. Not every GP veterinarian is equipped to handle fearful animals, or has control over the chaos of a veterinary clinic.

As a qualified Fear Free mobile vet, this means that usually we are able to make more progress with veterinary care than in a clinical setting.

Occasionally we do need to shift our treatment intentions, and plan for a return visit.

What if my pet is sick & needs hospital?

After a visit from your Fear Free mobile vet, working on getting your pet back into the clinic is an important goal to address. In the short term, avoidance is recommended, but gradually our pets need to find ways of coping in a veterinary clinic as they are likely to need hospitalisation, dental treatments and / or surgery in their lifetime.

While there are no time pressures, when your pet is well, that is when we work on returning to the clinic.

What is a Fear Free Mobile Vet?

We operate as a mobile, Fear Free vet service. Often, the vet is to our pet what the dentist is to humans. That sense of dread which heightens our senses and challenges our flight or fight mechanisms. Imagine the opposite of that feeling and you have a sense of ‘Fear Free’.

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