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Success stories

Daisy Greyhound

Daisy, the greyhound who helped kickstart The Calm Pet Vet


Shortly after graduating from the University of Melbourne, Dr. Channy witnessed their first case of separation distress. Sadly, Daisy’s emotional pain was severe enough that euthanasia was being considered.


The surrendered, ex-racing greyhound had become so emotionally attached (imprinted) to Dr. Channy that she screamed, urinated, self-harmed and destroyed items whenever they were out of sight. Not only was the severity of the separation distress a welfare concern, but as Daisy's primary caregiver it deeply affected Dr. Channy's work, social and home life.


After a physical exam to rule out medical causes, and under the guidance of a Veterinary Psychiatrist (Behaviour Specialist), Dr. Channy was able to choose the best medication to improve Daisy's quality of life and provide an environment that supported her acclimation to life off the track.


Dr. Channy could then further explore Daisy's triggers and quirks, fine-tune their communication and eventually taper Daisy's medication.


Daisy inspired Dr. Channy to explore low-stress handling practices in the clinic and to support other pet owners troubled by their pet's behaviour.

Dr Chantelle McGowan with Daisy Greyhound

Dr Channy with Daisy, 2013

Louis Cat


How to curb enthusiasm without fracturing a relationship?

Lectures, textbooks and papers are an essential foundation for studying veterinary behaviour however, through leaping onto benches, clawing couches and knocking books from bookshelves, it was Dr. Channy's own 'mischief kitty' that taught them the most important lesson of all: acceptance and managing expectations.

The rescue

Dr Channy awoke one night to the howling cries of a cat owned by no-one. Intensely fearful and running away from food, find out how Dr Channy earned Smudge's trust. 

smudge 4_edited.jpg
sully 2_edited.jpg

Medical changes can bring on anxiety in pets

Sully is a beloved Poodle X who developed Progressive Retinal Atrophy, causing gradual vision loss. Medical changes can bring on anxiety in pets.

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