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Mobile, Fear Free Vet Care

black and white maltese puppy
Dr Chantelle McGowan with possum

Image courtesy of Josh Wilms

Mobile Fear Free Vet services across Melbourne

The Calm Pet Vet runs as a mobile Fear Free vet & behaviour services across Naarm (Melbourne) and the greater Victoria region. We offer a range of services for stressed pets, including

  • Vaccinations

  • Lump checks

  • Blood & urine tests

  • Dental checks

  • Mobility & senior health checks

  • Quality of life consults & home euthanasia

  • Behaviour consults and training programs

and much more!​


We also provide training & education for veterinary clinics wanting to upskill their teams in the latest in modern, Fear Free handling and behaviour. 

What does Fear Free Vet care mean?

Fear Free Vet care means reducing the Fear, Anxiety & Stress your pet experiences in pet professional environments, like the vet clinic and groomers.


Melbourne's Mobile Fear Free Vet

A Fear Free Vet is a great alternative to traditional clinics that can be a bustling, busy place, servicing large numbers of their local community with pride. However, not every pet can cope with this fast-paced, unfamiliar environment; as a responsible pet parent, you understand that they need their physical health attended to, but without the emotional trauma. Cue Fear Free.


What are the signs my pet needs a Fear Free Vet?

If you know your pet gets stressed, or you are seeing signs your pet needs tailored, Fear Free vet care:

  • Barking, growling and other vocalisations

  • Attempting to bite / scratch

  • Attempting to escape / get away

  • Urinating or soiling themselves / pet carrier

  • Hiding

  • Shaking

  • Stiff muscles

  • Dilated pupils

  • Panting

  • Puffing their lips

  • Freezing (especially cats that are exposed on the examination table)

  • Whale eye

  • Grinning

  • Facial tension

among many other signs that helps you detect when they're uncomfortable and distressed.​

Below is a handout created by our friends in Gadigal Country (Sydney), the Vet Behaviour Team

Vet Behaviour Team Fiddle Behaviours

What does a mobile Fear Free Vet visit look like?

  • Time - unlike regular, busy clinics, we allocate longer to get to know your pet and let them get used to us.

  • We read YOUR pet's body language - there's no one-size-fits-all approach in Fear Free care. Without overcrowding your pet, the Fear Free vet team will offer them some treats and pats to get to know them & allow your pet to acclimate to our arrival.

  • Pre-visit arrangements - let us know what your pet's preferences are, for example, meeting a reactive dog in their front yard or across the street instead of in the home. 

  • MANZCVS & Elite Fear Free Certified / Coach - Dr Channy has completed extra qualifications and has dedicated their career and ongoing studies to your pet's wellbeing. Dr Channy also continually educates and passes on their knowledge to the staff they work with; so if there's more than one of us, you know they're Dr Channy approved!

  • Special handling techniques - some cats like to hide under a towel or be firmly wrapped, in others this can cause panic. We have many ways of approaching your pet with consideration and empathy. Above all, we know when to stop & re-evaluate.

  • Use of medication - in many cases, the negative experience that pets have had previously with veterinary care can make them go into panic attacks whenever they're presented with anything remotely veterinary. Giving medication before we arrive can be the difference between them receiving veterinary care or going untreated. It's easier to keep a calm pet calm, than try to overcome panic.

  • Calm, soothing music - your Fear Free vet can optimise the audio environment to minimise stress.

  • We give them choice - A mobile Fear Free Vet is trained to let a patient say no. If we let them opt out of uncomfortable situations, the more likely they are to say yes. We use cooperative care techniques that are guided by the principles of consent. 


Pro Tip: Before your vet arrives, set up the area you would like us to use with your pet’s most comfortable/favourite bed, some comfort toys, treats and spare towels

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Learn more about Fear Free vet qualifications and how we differ to traditional veterinary teams

Home visits are available

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