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We know you love your pet. You just need some help, to help them.

Like us, each pet is an individual who deserves to have strong and positive relationships with the people who care for them. The Calm Pet Vet helps pet parents understand their pet's needs and aims to reduce ‘problem’ behaviours with Elite Fear Free Certified methods.


Mobile and telehealth appointments are available to ensure all pets can receive expert, personalised veterinary care in the comfort of their home.

Services include:

  • Stress management and treatment

  • Behaviour consultation and treatment

  • Mobile sick pet care

  • Vaccinations

  • Skin checks

  • Blood, urine and other pathology testing

  • Fit to fly

  • Yearly check ups

  • Vaccination titre testing

  • Weight management support

and much more!​

Cat Fear-Free Veterinary Consultations
Dog Behaviour Consultation
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Feel safe & seen

The Calm Pet Vet strives to ensure people and pets feel safe and respected, always.

Dr Channy is active in the LGBTQIA+ community, volunteering as Treasurer and Sponsorship Officer for the Australian Rainbow Vets and Allies, as well as Vice President of The Veterinary Kaleidoscope.

With extensive experience treating the pets of rainbow families, Dr Channy understands & respects you too!

Dr Chantelle McGowan LGBTQIA+

All services are Fear Free and inclusive of GST.

Veterinary Consult

Extended Initial Consult

45-60 min

Starting from $420

Revisit - Complex

30-45 min

Starting from $315

Revisit - Simple

15-30 min

Starting from $210

Behaviour Counselling

Extended Initial Consult

90-120 min

Starting from $630


30-45 min

Starting from $315

Fear Free Training

30-45 min

Starting from $315

Home Euthanasia

Euthanasia Only

Starting from $420

Euthanasia & Cremation

Price on Request

Out of hours, travel, prescriptions, medications & pathology testing incur extra costs. 

We prefer to provide you with a tailored estimate unique to your pet's circumstances. Please don't hesitate to reach out for more information.

GapOnly® is available!

GapOnly® is a convenient payment service that works with selected pet insurance brands, so you can access your pet insurance benefit right away for eligible expenses.

How to claim using GapOnly®
1. If your pet insurance brand offers GapOnly®, let us know you’d like to submit a GapOnly® claim for your pet’s treatment.
2. We’ll lodge a GapOnly® claim on your behalf, and it’s assessed in usually under 10 minutes.

3. Once the claim’s been assessed and approved, you simply pay the gap (the amount not covered by your pet insurance policy) and go.

Payment Plans


Payment in full is required at the conclusion of our consults. Can't manage it? No problem.

VetPay Apply icon

Step 1: Apply - Apply for VetPay & receive approval

VetPay Confirmation icon

Step 3: Confirmation - VetPay will cover the costs of the treatment & email your fortnightly payment plan

VetPay computer

Step 2: Add treatment - Have your clinic add your pet's treatment cost to your account

VetPay Peace of mind

Step 4: Peace of mind - Once your account is set up there is no need to re-apply, enjoy the benefits and peace of mind offered by our 24/7 service

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