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Are you looking for a cat behaviourist?

Look no further - Dr Channy's passion for our feline friends is renowned across Naarm (Melbourne) and around the world. During their time with an international therapeutic pet food company, Dr Channy re-imagined a Take Your Cat To The Vet campaign to better the welfare of cats across Australia. The campaign involved educating veterinarians and cat paw-rents about the importance of regular health checks, without the stress. This was adapted and scaled into multiple markets across the world. 

Dr Channy has also lead a Fear Free veterinary team at an ISFM-approved clinic, and helping 'catify' other vet clinics & teams throughout their career.

Dr Channy enjoys working with the 'difficult', 'spicy', 'naughty' & frightened kitties; having studied their behaviour as well as suitable medications and their effects. Combining behaviour modification & training with environmental management is an important part of using behaviour medications, which may or may not be required. Having the option of using medication greatly improves patient outcomes, as training alone cannot help every problem.

Dr Channy's mobile vet behaviour service covers a range of medical conditions and behaviour problems, including:

  • Urinating outside the litter box ("Inappropriate urination")

  • Defaecating outside the litter box

  • Pain-related aggression

  • Introducing cats and dogs

  • Inter-cat aggression

  • Cat carrier phobia / aversion

  • Scratching

  • Patting aggression

  • Play aggression

  • Human-directed aggression

  • Nocturnal activity

  • 'Catification' of the home

  • Fear Free trimming claws, pathology test collection and medicating

  • Ageing Feline Cognitive Dysfunction

And more!

Dr Channy can assess whether your cat's behaviour is problematic or a behaviour problem, whether it is medical in origin and support you with a treatment plan combining environmental management, behaviour modification and possible medication(s).

Some trainers might call themselves a cat behaviourist, however as explained here, the term should only be used for Specialists that have the highest medical and training knowledge in the area of Veterinary Behaviour Medicine. We might refer you onto one of Melbourne's 3 Veterinary Behaviour Specialists if appropriate to do so.

Cat-friendly, mobile veterinary services

We all know that taking your cat to the vet can be very stressful for you and your kitty, as well as the treating veterinary team. A 'cat behaviourist' trainer is very limited in what they can offer for this

With extensive experience treating fearful cats, Dr Channy can help with your immediate needs, as well as helping formulate a Fear Free plan for you to get your cat to the vet clinic if there's an emergency.


All services are Fear Free and inclusive of GST.

Veterinary Consult

Extended Initial Consult

45-60 min

Starting from $420

Revisit - Complex

30-45 min

Starting from $315

Revisit - Simple

15-30 min

Starting from $210

Behaviour Counselling

Extended Initial Consult

90-120 min

Starting from $630


30-45 min

Starting from $315

Fear Free Training

30-45 min

Starting from $315

We prefer to provide you with a tailored estimate unique to your pet's circumstances. Please don't hesitate to reach out for more information.


Out of hours, travel, prescriptions, medications & pathology testing incur extra costs. 

No funds? No Problem!

We offer VetPay, flexible payment plans to ensure you pet has access to the best veterinary care available

VetPay keeping veterinary care affordable
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We are a GapOnly® Clinic!

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