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For Vet Professionals

Could we be pals? If you’ve been nodding your head enthusiastically while reading about what we stand for, all signs point to ‘yes’.


And great news, The Calm Pet Vet offers a range of services for like-minded Veterinary Professionals, to help your clinic treat ‘difficult’ pets while continuing to build client trust.


Fear Free training

Tailored and engaging group training sessions to equip your team with the skills and info needed to provide low-stress care in the clinic.


Training can be delivered over lunchtime or at the best time for your team. Please reach out for details and pricing.

Supporting your clients in the clinic or at home

As well as supporting your team through difficult consults in clinic*, I work on behalf of veterinary teams to assess their patients at home or via telehealth for cases including but not limited to:


  • Generalised anxiety

  • Situational anxiety

  • Separation distress

  • Aggression

  • Periuria

  • Inter-cat aggression

  • Chronic FLUTD cases

  • Other mental health conditions

  • Low-stress home pathology collection

  • Pre-visit pharmaceutical administration

  • Blood pressure measurements

  • Adjusting expectations of ‘normal’


Please call or email if you're unsure whether The Calm Pet Vet's services meet your client's needs.


*With the consent of the pet owner AND veterinary team.

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